Anti-epidemic Aid On COVID-19 Notification

Dear partners,

As the COVID-19 has swept across the world, times are hard for everyone. One of the prominent problems is the shortage of protection materials, medical resources and living materials.

For instance, the face masks are now in great demand while there are not enough raw materials to produce sufficient supply.

Under such circumstance, CINO manages to reach a partnership with reliable mask producers.

We have updated plenty of high quality face masks on our on-line shop CINOMALL as assistance to our partners in epidemic area.

As a professional mobile parts supplier and a customer-centric company, CINO endeavors to help our partners in every aspect. Including choosing premium quality face masks who are in great demands, keeping our partners away from low-quality or fake products in the disordered market.

Next, CINO will continue paying close attention to the ongoing of the epidemic, and work even harder to help our partners to face the challenges on COVID-19.

In 2020, CINO will stay with you. Let’s overcome difficulties hand in hand.