If you have any screens that just has the top glass broken then CINO would like to buy them from you.

CINO also offer a professional LCD refurbishment service to mobile phone repairers, recycling companies and DIY screen repairers.

Please read following content for information on our service, prices and about the quality of parts we use.


If after reading this page you have any further questions please use the contact form and we will do our best to answer your questions.



LCD buybacks are completed within 7 work days of receipt.  We purchase LCD's based on the date of receipt, not on the date of shipment.

What do you do with all your cracked iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, 7, 7plus, 8, 8 plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and Samsung screens after you finish a repair? CINO now offers a solution for you! LCD buybacks! We now offer LCD buybacks for many iPhone and Samsung screens with competitive pricing. CINO now offer excellent buyback pricing to all our customers。



Without a doubt, pricing will always be important. However, LCD BuyBack Prices should be factored in with all other criteria. Generally,Pricing will change on LCD buybacks from time to time due to market volatility. A rate is not locked in until the day you ship your buyback. If the current rate once shipped is not what was expected we are more than happy to ship your buyback screens back to you. Please note, buybacks can take 7-10 work days to process.

At the end of this page, there attaches a price list.



The first thing to do is to identify and separate the LCDs that work from the ones that do not.There are four grades.

Grade A - Fully Functional OEM screen.

Grade B - Fully Functional OEM screen that contains dead pixels or back light problems.

Grade C - High copy screens (original LCD with changed flex cables), OEM LCD with pressure points, dead pixels, no 3D touch, or critical back light problems.


Grade D - Bad LCD Screen, Bad Touch, or copy LCD with problems. NO CREDIT issued.



Once classified the LCDs protect them properly (you can wrap them in bubble wrap which we think is the best option) taking great care that the Flex of the connectors do not bend or suffer since it is the most sensitive part. 

There are packaging instruction:

1.Screens should be placed in plastic clam shells, white boxes, or bubble sleeves as shown. The value of the LCDs will decrease due to damage, if poorly packaged.

2.Once the screens have been placed in the plastic trays or bubble wrap, stack the in a box as shown.

3.Fill the empty areas of the box with packaging peanuts or padding. This will secure the screens and make sure they are not moving while in transit.

  1. Once you have finished packaging your box, make sure its taped together nicely to keep the box from opening at any time.

5.Make sure that you include your order number inside of the box or write on the outside of the box.

6.Ship your screens to us at the following address:




Once your order is ready and you contact us Phone Media will pick you up (Orders over 50 Euros).


When the screens arrive at our premises it will be verified that the indicated quantities are correct.


Then we guarantee that within a maximum period of 3 working days our technicians will examine the product and we will contact you to inform you of the analysis / valuation.


Once the valuation is accepted and if your chosen service is the sale, we will proceed to the payment of the amount valued Instantly trying to always offer the best price in the market.


If your chosen service is the renewal / change per generic, once we receive the income we will supply the number of screens requested within a maximum period of 5 working days.